August 21, 2021

When I was in art school, I remember one of my professors saying it was important to develop a style, a style all your own. It seemed to me at the time that trying to focus on one particular style would be pretty limiting and actually pretty boring. I think I still feel that way today. Maybe what he meant was that it was a good idea to focus on becoming skilled with drawing and painting. Then if you developed an ease with figure drawing, symmetry, composition, line work etc you would be on your way to becoming an artist, and a good artist at that. I remember he said that it took years to become a good painter. And it also somehow seemed important to him that someone could look at a piece of art and know who had painted it. Well, if you were to line up my art from week to week, you may not guess they were done by the same person. I think the people he must have been referring to were artists like Monet, Van Gogh, Leonardo etc. I wish he would have just said all of that. Otherwise, it just seems like some kind of rubbish artistic advice. All I have ever really wanted, artistically speaking, was to be skilled and memorable in some way.

If you have been looking at the art I present each week for One CA Girl, you must have noticed lots of different styles. I really like trying new things and maybe from week to week you wouldn’t guess that I had created it. Oh well! My intention here has always been to present my art, past and/or present, that I would react to in some way. I might describe in excruciating detail the materials and technique I used. Or I might tell a story of my CA family, or I might present whatever musings that have been rolling around in my brain at any given moment during the previous week. 

For this week’s Descanso Gardens offering (8/15/2021), I was certainly attempting a paired down style, much like my Descanso’s rose arbor dated June 26, 2021–watercolor and Inktense pencils on watercolor paper. You have probably noticed that I identify each One CA Girl entry with a date (usually on a Saturday or Sunday). In a way the date is not really how I would like to identify each post, but rather I want the art to be the first thing you notice. However, as this is a journal of sorts, marking the date for each entry has always seemed the most expedient way to just get on with it. (Not sure I’m clever enough, or patient enough, to come up with a catchy title for each entry. Again, oh well!) 

It’s too bad you can’t see a WordPress feature that I use to store each week’s art/photo for One CA Girl. It’s called “Media Library” and it’s where each piece of art I have used over these past 4 years have been uploaded. It lines up each and every one as a discreet square—six images across. There is just the right amount of white space between each square and above each image is the date they were uploaded, with a discretely small font and a light shade of grey. And every now and then I scroll through the list. There are just over 500 images, with the first piece of art and story being shared March 25, 2017, my mother’s birthday. But looking at the Media Library just now reinforces my earlier comment about wanting to be somewhat memorable, coupled with the joy of having so many different styles over the years. Works for me. How about you?

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