July 31, 2021

Last Sunday Urban Sketchers Los Angeles met at Shoreline Village in Long Beach. I was thrilled to meet in person with my peeps for a day of drawing. And it seemed everyone in our group of 20, or so, was equally happy to be out and about for a sketching event. Shoreline Village is kind of a touristy spot, with lots of restaurants, shops and even a merry go round. So of course there were lots of families and couples wandering around, looking in windows and looking for a place to eat. The last time we were there it was pre pandemic (See 8/24/2019 post), and it looked much the same as it did the other day. I wasn’t particularly comfortable with so many people (sans masks) milling around. I’ve been vaccinated and I wore a mask—that helped alleviate my anxiety a little. But we were outside and I was very motivated to sit right down and draw. There are a bunch of great sketching opportunities at the Shoreline Village—the downtown Long Beach skyline with its tall buildings and palm trees, boats moving in and around the harbor, and colorful buildings along the wharf. And if you walk to the other side of the boardwalk, you can see the Queen Mary standing tall. Last Sunday there was also a huge cruise ship around that side as well. As I said, there was a lot to see and draw. So, I made the most of the morning and did these two sketches.

For the first sketch I rolled out my sheet of bubble wrap on a grassy area in the shade of a giant tree. It was a great way for me to begin my time there as it was across from the boardwalk and away from most of the people. There was also just enough of a breeze blowing to make the overall sketching experience cooly wonderful. As it turned out, another sketcher joined me there. We worked quietly for quite a while. At one point I looked at her and said that it was so wonderful to be sitting in a cool spot while looking at the boats coming and going in the marina. I also said that I would have enjoyed sitting there even if I wasn’t sketching anything. She said she thought so too. It was pretty great! But eventually we each finished what we were drawing and thought it a good idea to move on. Our group wasn’t meeting up for 45 minutes, and that meant we had plenty time to do another one. We packed up and went to look for another sketching opportunity—wondering if we would find an equally great spot. We wandered back to the actual boardwalk and looked for a place to perch. I found a set of stairs in the shade that offered a great view of another part of the harbor. My friend went around to the other side of the boardwalk to sketch the Queen Mary. The wooden steps were between two restaurants, making this sketching opportunity more lively than the first. It was nice, because by then I had relaxed about being around so many people. I really enjoyed doing that piece and boldly included a large ship as it motored it’s way out to the open ocean. I sat there for maybe 30 minutes, happily working away, until a security guard told me I couldn’t sit on the steps. He was nice about it. I knew I was close to being done, so I didn’t really mind moving. I packed up most of my materials, stood at the base of the stairs and finished the second sketch in a few minutes. It all ended perfectly as it was time for the group to get together and share what we had created. Sometimes it’s good to have a time limit. Then you can’t go too far with adding details that can ruin your final artwork. All in all, it was a great day to be a member of the Los Angeles Urban Sketchers group.

As an artist I am always thinking about how to use color in my work. Of course there are times that I don’t want color at all, focusing on a graphite grey pencil sketch, black ink lines or even white spaces and/or white pigment. If you have been looking at recent One California Girl art and stories you will then know of my most recent obsession with some new ink colors from The Goulet Pen Company. I ordered a sample set of 9 colors and have been experimenting with them in stand alone line drawings as well as a wonderful accompaniment to my Inktense pencils. I finally ordered a couple colors (Bleu Ocean and Green Marine) from Goulet, and I think they are amazing. I wonder if I’ve been having some kind of subconscious need to use the blues and greens of water. I mean, last week I sat creekside at the landlocked Descanso Gardens and went crazy with the water soluble Green Marine ink. And last Sunday I sat beside a Long Beach harbor and geeked out with Bleu Ocean ink. In case you are wondering, I created what I think is a great ocean color story by adding my Sea Blue and Teal Green Inktense pencils to the Bleu Ocean. Yes, it appears I am obsessed with water and colors of water. It’s pretty dry out here in California right now and I’m probably not the only CA girl who dreams of cool water.

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