July 10, 2021

A week of SoCal pen and inks, post 4th of July

This may look a bit like last week’s post, but it wasn’t my intention to do that…really. But somehow I found myself sketching each day, just like last week. However, this was not a week of mixed media for me, but rather a week of pen and ink only. There is a perfectly good reason for such a narrow perspective. I have been using black, red and purple for a while now and wanted to add more colors to my ink repertoire. I was thinking I might want a blue and a green. So, I ordered ink samples that included a couple shades of blue and green. The samples came from a company called The Goulet Pen Company (Henrico, VA). The grouping of nine I ordered are listed as the Jacques Herbien Shimmering Full Line Ink Sample Set. (I think these are not water soluble like some of my other inks. I need to check that out.) The Goulet Pen Company has quite a selection of ink, plus fountain pens and paper. Looks to be a very nice resource…

What’s kind of crazy is that I already had a set of “rainbow” colored Fude nib fountain pens. I had already filled the black, purple and red pens with Higgins’s black india ink, and Diamine’s Majestic purple and oxblood inks. I had 9 pens left—the exact number of trial ink colors I now wanted to try out. It was crazy perfect. I filled the cartridges of the remaining pens with all my new colors and went sketching at the Descanso Gardens five days in a row. It was pretty warm this week, so I started out early each morning. It was excellent to begin each day with an outdoor adventure, knowing that I would be cool and inside each afternoon. On day 4 I found myself sitting on a cool (temperature cool) boulder next to a stream for that sketch. There are quite a number of similar “vitex” specimens in the rose garden, but this was the only one next to a bit of a stream and in the shade. It was heaven. When I finished that pen and ink I quickly put everything in my stealth bag and ran through a nearby sprinkler. It really kept me cool as I hiked in the warmer back area of the Descanso. Such a great day for keeping cool while sketching with cool new inks. For my day 5 sketch I went to the Japanese tea garden and stopped three times to experiment with stormy grey. First, I sat on yet another cool stone next to another stream and did the actual tea garden house and I used the stormy grey with Kyanite. I think those colors look nice together. Then I stood on a bridge and rendered a small school of koi fish, using the same stormy grey, but this time I used Cornaline. For my final sketch of the week, I used the stormy grey and Cornaline to sketch this painted bridge. Looking back at the sketches, it made me realize how the garden inspired me to try different colors in different combinations. How will I choose my favorites? 

So, I think I am in love with the Bleu Ocean, but not really feelin’ either green. However, I am loving Caroube—not one I thought I would like. But it reminds me of the chipped bark and tree bits that are strewn under the plantings at the Descanso Gardens. I have been smelling that oak woodland smell so much that I just want that color. Of course, all of the color samples I have been using all week are pretty great and I could see myself owning all of them, except maybe the greens. I went back to The Goulet Pen Company website and looked for some other colors of green. And I think I am in love with the Marine Green. Maybe some kind of nautical blue and green theme with just a touch of mulch?

It’s now Saturday afternoon and I have decided on those three colors for now. I can’t wait to order them and see what sketching journeys I will be making with then. I can already see myself using the blue and green at an upcoming urban sketching event at the Long Beach marina 7/25/2021 (see August 24, 2019 for a previous black ink and watercolor I did at that very spot). Hope the new ink comes in time. Stay tuned… 

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