April 11, 2020

mug, day 1 and 2
April 4, day 1 of two-week challenge. Mug of desk materials (graphite on drawing paper) April 5, day 2 of two-week challenge. Back of mug filled with desk materials plus battery powered pencil sharpener. (graphite, Fude fountain pen on drawing paper)

Last Friday one of my sketching groups had a virtual meeting. That was great! We decided to sketch the same object(s) or scene in or around our house everyday for two weeks, posting the art daily. If you think it might be boring to see the same items day after day, you might want to skip this week’s art and story and I’ll see you next week. Even though I am supposed to be doing the same items the week after that I can’t imagine I will actually post more renderings of the same mug with office items. 

Anyway, I actually did some journaling right on the page of art, not really sure why. I think it’s because I noticed that other artists I met with on the first Friday of the month had done that. I think I will add words to he page if I feel like it, we’ll see as the week goes on.

mug, day 3 and 4
April 6, day 3 of two-week challenge. Mug of desk materials with houseplant in a basket (Inktense pencil–with water added, Fude fountain pen on Canson Mix Media paper) April 7, day 4 of two-week challenge. Mug filled with desk materials. (watercolor on watercolor paper)

On April 6 I set up my tunes and listened to Love Scenes (Diana Krall—1997). Lots of great old-time ballads like, “All or Nothing at All,” “Peel Me a Grape,” “I Don’t Stand a Ghost of a Chance with You” and “Garden in the Rain.” I’m not sure my listening to the music or lyrics had any influence to this marathon of work, but it was a joy to listen to nonetheless. (My dad once told me that his mom—my grandmother—liked the song Garden in the Rain.) 

On the 7th I listened to Kinda Blue (Miles Davis—1959) and Unplugged (Eric Clapton—1992). There was the tiniest bit of sunshine today, but otherwise it’s been a rainy week.

mug, day 5
April 8, day 5 of two-week challenge. Mug of desk materials (wax crayon on toned paper)

OK, I think I have almost had enough of this mug. How about you? I mean, I guess it’s interesting to lay them end to end and see how each one is the same and how each one is different, but that takes about 20 seconds and then “ho hum.” Right? I have ideas for two more and then I will need to do a week of something else, like maybe something outside for a change. At the first blush of the challenge I was excited to use things in the mug and then maybe put them back in a slightly different place. For example, I used the purple scissors in the first couple sketches and realized they weren’t very sharp and replaced them with a taller purple pair of scissors (they were not really much better…) I also use my pencils a fair amount throughout the day and have sharpened them. Maybe they look a bit shorter? In one of the drawings I noted that the cover was coming off the book, and journaled about it. This morning I used the blue pen to write a check, placing it in a different place all together. OMG? How bored am I? Continuously looking at the same mug over and over for the better part of a week reminds me, once again, that I am staying home and inside because of COVID-19. And it’s been a particularly rainy week, so I am doubly reminded of a reason to stay inside. (You also many be wondering about the green dotted background for each photo. That is the surface of my ironing board. I used it as a surface to lay fabric I used to make cloth masks this week as well.)

What are YOU doing to keep from going mad? Today my son made churros. Why did he do that, you might ask? It seems that Disneyland posted the recipe they use for the churros they serve at the park. And because no one can go there, maybe we’re all supposed to make them, nibble them with our eyes closed, imagining we are walking around somewhere filled with people and noise. Hmm…

mug, day 6
April 9, day 6 of two-week challenge. Mug of desk materials (deep indigo Inktense pencil and water on watercolor paper.)
mug, day 7
April 10, day 7 of two-week challenge. Mug of desk materials (Tuscan red Prismacolor pencil and cadmium red, light watercolor on other side of day 6 watercolor paper)
day 6 and 7, part 2
Day 7 and Day 6 combo for two-week challenge.
day 6 and 7, part 1
Day 6 and Day 7 combo for two-week challenge.

These last two may or may not very clever, but it’s what I came up with for my last two images of the same tired mug filled with my desk stuff. I don’t know, I guess I was thinking of a Dutch door—you know, a door that has a bottom and top part. I’ve never lived in a house with such a Dutch door. I have never really wanted one because there is no way to keep out the flies and/or mosquitoes. Maybe it’s interesting that I was listening to Andre Previn’s CD After Hours was playing when I sketched and painted day 7. (My dad loved that CD.) Oh, and one final bit of interest for these two tiny vignettes? The day 7 version is the back of the mug. Ooooo. OK, I’m done.

Note about churros:

You have to eat them warm and just from the fryer. Day old and cold is not so great, even if you try dipping it in chocolate. Until next time…

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