October 6, 2018

Moon on the back door
Moon on my back door, spring 2018 (acrylic on glass)

This week’s post is a piece of art that has meaning to me in a number of ways. First, it’s on the window of my back door, so it’s a companion piece to the Madonna Mountain art I wrote about last week. Second, the two pieces sitting side by side almost look like a mural especially if you run out the door quickly in the morning. Third, the landscape below the moon is a view of mountains that you would see on Highway 46 just before you get to Highway 1 and Cambria. Last, and most important, I put the moon directly in that spot because I actually saw it there (in the sky) when I opened that door early one morning a couple months ago. It was just before 7 am and I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw this glorious sight. I immediately looked for the photo of those beautiful “almost to Cambria” green mountains and added the moon just as you see it. In fact, I saw this same moon view the other morning as I hurried out the door on my way to work. Enchanting, right? But I think I need to slow down…

Not sure if you have ever painted on glass with acrylics, but there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind if you think you’d like to try. First, I used painter’s tape around the edge of the window to keep the paint from getting on the wooden opening that holds the glass. This is an old house and I try not to radically alter anything with my sometimes-crazy ideas. Second, it’s best to do it early in the morning when the glass is cool. When I painted Madonna Mountain on the window next to back door, it was later in the afternoon and the glass was pretty warm. That made it hard to achieve any kind of coverage without really hurrying the process because the paint was drying so quickly. What I found is that when I tried to go over the rapidly drying paint, the brush picked up chunks of pigment and moved it all around in a not so great way. That was really frustrating because even though I mixed the colors I wanted ahead of time, I often like to mix colors on the actual surface of a painting. The mountain itself wasn’t too bad because there were chunks of color that could be added one after another. But the sky was a pain because I was trying like mad to create a smooth and somewhat even shade of blue and it just wasn’t happening. And of course I didn’t want to wait until the sun wasn’t beating down on the window and I just kind of muddled through until I finally got the sky right. It was so much easier to add the paint on the window for the Moon view panel, as the glass was cool at 7 in the morning. But the greatest thing about painting on a window or a random piece of glass is that if you don’t like the way it turned out just scrape it off with a razor blade. You can start again, when it’s cooler or you are inspired to paint an imagined view you would like to see out of your window instead of your neighbor’s car, phone lines or a brick wall.

A Full Moon Story

When my son was young I tried very hard to get stories I had written published. Here is a picture book about a toddler who wakes one night when the bright full moon lights up his crib. It is based on a story my mom told about one of my brothers when he was very little. I guess the light of the full moon woke him up and he was ready to play, even though he was the only one who wanted to be awake at that time of night. Mom said he just stood up in his crib (wearing his jammies with the feet) and babbled and moved with his personal delight while viewing the full moon out the window. (Oh, and Shadow was our family dog…)

When the Moon is Full

What happens when the moon is full?

Daniel wakes up to play. Hey hey

Mama sees his moon dance. Ha cha

Shadow hears the boy sing. Fa la

Sister snoozes away. Zuz suz

Papa sleeps through it all. Ah me

Hamsters spin in their wheel. Whir whir

Shadow circles her bed. Night night

Daniel finally sleeps. All done

A Blue Moon Story

Many years ago a very close friend got married around the time there was something called a blue moon. It became quite the theme of their wedding. And I joined in with the blue moon fervor and painted giant full moons onto blue place mats for my friend as a gift. Not really sure if she was really thinking so literally when it came to her wedding, but I loved the idea. I do remember she got married in an off the shoulder sparkly blue floor length gown. She looked really pretty I must say and I think I remember saying to my then husband down the aisle that a beautiful blue moon with a beautiful smile had just floated past us. Anyway, I’m not sure if she still has that dress or the painted place mats with matching napkins. But no matter, I remember how fun it was to look up into the night sky and paint the moon. What do you see when you look up at a big fat full moon? Some people see a rabbit, some a crab or a lady knitting or reading a book. When I look up there I often see a man smoking a pipe. But if you see a particularly lovely moon one morning or night, don’t hesitate to dance in your crib or paint it on whatever you have handy.

Happy Birthday Blue Moon Friend!


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